Walking in the morning

 Can you see the eyes ?

Get along with natural is very comfortable and happy, especially one personal stroll of time meet these lovely of birds or insects.

I get married nearly for 20 years, it make people feel strange is my husband to not and habitually take a walk together with me, I think that the person and others’ gets along with to be like musical rhythm, quick plank and adagio can not become a perfect song.In fact one personal observation great universe and listen natural voice, is a fine matter, will not feel standing alone because of there being no companion, on the contrary feel comfortable.

黑翅細蟴 Conocephalus melas De Haan

Taiwanese familiar bird of prey- Brahminy Kite. If we are in the call that hear voice of the woodland open spaces,I usually at this time one title, then can hope to see its figure. Becoming of Brahminy Kite, the height is approximately 70 cms , the wing is as long as 140 exhibition, for saving the energy that the flight expends, it is usually having the time to ascending current, enjoy to hover around of joy.

Ceylon Ardisia gains

Glory Bush

Glory Bush


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