My running-2014 Mao Kong run

(NCCU campus)

My life

When I am still a soldier, 4:30 p.m. in everyday is running of time, I felt running is painful, running was that one is unhappy. In my nation be soldier really value to run result, the work of the superior to you or moral qualities performance don’t value, because I am female is applauded or the chance for less promoting, 20 years later, I resign.

In the past 3 years , I restart running and running became to live in a matter of indispensability.

I am considering the change of these matters, why a matter originally disliking will become living in of indispensability, what is this reason ?

The ordinary people’s idea, after female is 40 years old, because the bone substance runs off of reason, my female friends all refuse this kind of exercise. So I always one personal running, although just started feeling standing alone. Custom is a second nature,I feel comfortable and happiness, I don’t need to care running of the other people and the speed of the breath.

In my opinion, running is the method that expresses emotion pressure and maintenance healthy body.

The person has a dream to progress, the life then will go forward, and running is the dream of my one of them. My little daughter took to me, when she grow up can have chance to the times square in New York feels New Year countdown, and my dream, I hope to  have chance to take part in San Francisco or Boston road running.






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