My herb-Lemmon’s Marigold(芳香萬壽菊)


This season, moist soil and air are very suitable for the growth of vanilla plants, coupled with plenty of sunshine and vanilla plants can grow well.

In sub-tropical countries, although not snow in winter, but rainy and humid, for this reason, in the winter a long time ago I bought a kerosene stove.

So whenever the winter and I living in a cabin, I would open the kerosene stove and then to the small garden behind the house off some of my favorite herb plants, into the hot water, soak a vanilla tea.


It is like a small daisy flowers, the leaves full of sweet flavor, I used to add a few mint leaves, a great herb tea.

P1040001 P1040002 P1040302 P1040456 P1040768 P1040899

Write English blog has been more than a months, I think that got a lot of feelings, leave school for a long time, maybe 20? 25years?

One is never too old to learn, I encourage myself .

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