My trip-Enjoy tranquility


My religion is Buddhism, but I think the real Buddha own lives and their own existence people heart,So each trip through the temple, we must seek peace of mind into the inner temple.
Although most temples in Taiwan have stopped burning incense to protect the environment, the temple’s quiet atmosphere can make the mood calm, although outside the travel, but returned to the temple as has the blessing of the Buddha.
Clay figures on ancient temples, mostly taken from the ancient Chinese traditional stories portrayed, sculptures and buildings have weathered the years traces.

P1060151 P1060153 P1060158

P1060125 P1060124 P1060126 P1060135

Taiwan Chiayi Peikang chaotien temple(朝天宮1694)、Singang(水仙宮1739)





5 thoughts on “My trip-Enjoy tranquility

  1. Such beautiful photos!! Your pictures really capture the beauty of the temple as well as its importance. I particularly love the first one as it is so colorful and captured the temple rooftop details perfectly.

    I spent an entire Saturday a couple of weeks ago exploring the temples in Lugang (鹿港) and it was quite the experience. I spent the whole day and night photographing the many temples around the town. There were a lot of people at the Matzu Temple (天后宮) and I believe they still burn paper money and incense there as the smoke was intense. I have many posts about my time in Lugang that I plan to post in the next couple of weeks.

    Hope you are having a great weekend, Sophia! 🙂

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    • Dear Constance
      I appreciate the beauty and craftsmen carving techniques allow Taiwan temple buildings to preserve the characteristics of the building a few hundred years. Lukang(鹿港龍山寺) Temple roof is really beautiful.
      You really touched me, because from you blog writing and travel records, I think Taiwan is concerned you should be a very special place where we can share and this is a very happy thing. 🙂


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