My Garden-Winter flowers



My favorite current climate in the year, there is no strong sunlight and high temperatures in summer, nor winter wet and rainy, so really to grasp the weather like this and before the real onset of winter.




Garden roses in full bloom, insect damage is also educed and plants rarely get sick.



It grows out of the fruits like grapes very cute and juicy

IMG_4527 IMG_4532


Osmanthus blossoms, though not as popular in the West as some other flowers more commonly found, have the olfactory beauty of an intricate dentelle of fruity-leathery smells evoking plums, apricots and prunes hidden in the suede pouch upon a warrior-poet’s belt, as if taken out of a Chinese vignette. It’s hard not to be enraptured by their at once complex and delicate scent once you experience it and they lend their delightful and refined aroma in many a perfume composition.


The garden is also planted a little kids love to eat fruits, like tomatoes.


                        (Mt. Lemmon Marigold)
 (Ceylon Ardisia)

2 thoughts on “My Garden-Winter flowers

  1. Oh good! It IS a pyracantha! I love being right, lol! I have a large one, that the lady who lived here before me, planted RIGHT next to my walkway…. so I’m frequently pruning it *OUCH* so people aren’t attacked by it. What is your opinion of the bush? I have a love/hate relationship with it. I just wish it wasn’t planted in such a terrible spot!!!!! The thorns are unreal! And they can get pretty large.

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  2. Yes, it is Pyracantha, this season there is a small red fruit can attract a lot of lovely birds feed, but it has a small thorn branches, sometimes careless, people will be injured, I have regular pruning, it’s small white flowers very cute, do you think? Nice to meet you, I love see you reading experience, thank you for sharing.


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