Romantic blue-Iris

19 - 1

Iris has always been my favorite kind of flower, maybe terrain or the weather is not suitable for its growth, so not many flowers,and I planted them in the sunshine at the half.
I always associate the iris and the painter Van Gogh, although Iris is a very ordinary flowers, but Van Gogh’s paintings appear many times Iris, there are in the pool or in a vase, I think Iris representative the Van Gogh to life expectations and hope.
Iris is also the national flower of France.
I planted four types of iris (Iris Brazil not to open bloom), one of which is the aquatic Iris, although I do not know their exact names, but I’m very fond of them.

19 - 2 P1030174

(Taiwan Iris)

P1030175 P1030922 - 複製 P1030925 P1030978


(White Fringed Iris)


(White Fringed Iris)




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