A person’s travel-Bed and Breakfast


Tainan has a lot of old houses, some of the old house renovated rearrange reuse becomes B & B.

This B & B near Tainan East Gate circle and easy to find on the internet there is no exact address, innkeepers said they did not want to hold too many travelers visit the mentality, the address is not published, I think this has the advantage of their own there shortcomings, after this little trip in Tainan City, Tainan area I found the road, especially in the lane alley complex.


B & B’s staff gave me the keys after it disappeared, which is a network evaluation excellent B & B, a young couple to give up life in Hsinchu Science-paid engineer to start a new life in Tainan ancient, old house reforming, became the owner of the old two-room house, it full of hand-made life a small bed and breakfast groceries, Many travelers with a small piece of paper left travel experiences.


B & B’s its name ” circles home” I started from the train and walked for hours in the road, the body a bit tired, I saw the watch time is 17:00, I’m lost my way and I call the B & B, but she seems I also do not know the place, the results of the guidelines me a wrong direction, so I spent half an hour’s time, then finally found and spent a lot of time.If you want to enjoy a simple person or two people traveling, this form is also a good choice for Breakfast, about US50 a night, Breakfast does not supply meals, but there is a small snack to eat freely.


From bed and breakfasts to walk to the train station about 15-20 minutes, it is also very convenient.

P1060230 P1060229 P1060226

Circle home






醒來時是凌晨4:30 ,不知為何,我有強烈中止旅行的念頭,心裡盤算了一下,看了不少老建築和古蹟,待會還會經過另一老房子的行程,問自已有遺憾嗎?我回答:沒有。


3 thoughts on “A person’s travel-Bed and Breakfast

  1. It looks like a beautiful place to stay!! I often hear people in Taiwan giving up high-paying jobs which require them to work long hours for a simpler, easier life. It just goes to show that money isn’t everything!! 🙂 Happy Friday! It is nearly the weekend!

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    • Dear Constance
      There are many such Tainan Bed and Breakfast is impressive, if not much enjoy travel requirements, you can consider the B & B like this, it feels like your home, this trip has made me full of life force, its ture! Haha! 🙂


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