A person’s travel- Tainan


National Museum of Taiwan Literature

A person’s travel, I think the best way to travel is by train, this time I chose Tainan as a destination.
Tainan weather is very warm, it’s not obvious seasonal changes and now the temperature is like the fall, I used to walk to as my vehicle, so the choice is very important attraction, the reason I liked Tainan city is full of old building, which is a city full of literary experience.


There are many special from the alley into snacks.


Taiwan Confucian Temple

The Tainan Confucius Temple, also called the Scholarly Temple was built in 1665.


National Museum of Taiwan Literature


Yonghua temple


(1931) established the Tainan Police Department
Former Tainan Police Department is located in Tainan City, Western scheduled monuments. During the Japanese occupation of Tainan Police Department Office Building for Tainan City Police Department, the city police in Tainan county merger before migrating to the new camp for the municipality after the building was empty, and later at the June 17, 2011 announced by the Mayor Lai  Tainan City Fine Arts Museum will be established here.


Tainan Wu Garden


Original Japanese DKB Bank Tainan Branch, is now Tainan monuments.



Built in 1932 AD after the Hayashi renovated department store, into a beautiful building.


Buildings also retains bullet holes left by the Second World War.

  P1060173 P1060181 P1060182 P1060183 P1060187 P1060188  P1060189  P1060194 P1060195 P1060198  P1060205 P1060206  P1060210 P1060211 P1060213 P1060214  P1060222





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