Winter birds


In the morning, I look into the distance, the sun slowly falling from the top of the hill. 


This season flowering trees, this is Taiwan gordonia.


Colorful Monarch Rosemallow


Lovely Muller’s Barbet

Its plumage is bright green, while the head of the Ministry of red, yellow, and blue. Black and other colors. Inhabits broad-leaved forest, form a good protective coloration, can not easily be found. And it sounds like the song on how the percussion Muyu rattle, hence the name .. colored bird reproductive activity since the beginning of March to the end of the end of August to June – July is the peak breeding, prefer to live in dry and ventilated place. And woodpeckers like they would burrow nest on dead wood or litter.


Gray Tree Pie

It’s like a glider flight posture and very beautiful, but it sounds very noisy.


Another of my favorite bird – Taiwan blue magpie, which is endemic to Taiwan, Lien Ya-tang of Taiwan History essays also mentioned Taiwan blue magpie, Taiwan thousand dollars bills are printed with Taiwan blue magpie pattern and on behalf of our nation’s birds is Taiwan blue magpie.


Taiwan blue magpie is a bunch of birds, often a large group appeared between Acacia trees hut often see their trace.


Look! What do blue magpie? It caught a bug and enjoying dinner.

IMG_4684  IMG_4703


IMG_4705 IMG_4706 IMG_4708 IMG_4714

Annual growth in boreal birds always fly to Taiwan to spend the winter, this is the first time I saw a bird, it’s flying fast, I really spent a lot of effort just to shoot pictures of it, I checked the information to know that it is Olive-backed Pipit.


Olive-backed Pipit


Mountain Persimmon


Mountain Persimmon fruit






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