My Garden-Beautiful Camellia


These days I’m always listening to this song, and was deeply attracted, I love watching romantic movies, though love for me is already a distant memory, but still young at heart have been missing spark feelings of love.
After entering the marriage, I think the original feeling of love has become a feeling of happiness , family and child and every detail of life.

How long will I love you – Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney & Ben Coleman

IMG_556079766622020 IMG_556086186490780 IMG_556094367293466 IMG_556108162837490

I think true happiness should be the small details of life, even if it is not perfect also felt happy.


之前看過一部電影<About time> ,這幾天我重新複習聽著電影主題曲,當初被吸引的感覺又回來,我很愛看愛情小品電影,那種第一眼就可以被劇情牽動的電影,電影成為一種工具,讓人一邊被劇情感動,也一邊感受自已的回憶,雖然戀愛的感覺對我來說是個遙遠的回憶,我們都並非像男主角有遺傳家族的時光回溯的超能力,我想是那種可以回到當下的美好時光,錯過是一種遺憾嗎?若有彌補的機會呢?


We’re all traveling through time togetherEvery day of our lives
All we can do is do our bestTo relish this remarkable ride

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