Light-vented Bulbul and Schefflera Tree


Black bulbul

There are 17 birds in the trees, some people think it sounds like the voice of a baby or a cat, it is the most special place is that it has red mouth.


Enjoy the present moment, I can look at the birds alone, my world is quiet but very lively world of birds

IMG_5265 IMG_5286

Light-vented Bulbul and Schefflera Tree

IMG_5287 IMG_5303

Muller’s Barbet


IMG_5311 IMG_5314 IMG_5316 IMG_5318 IMG_5322 IMG_5327 IMG_5333 IMG_5334 IMG_5335



8 thoughts on “Light-vented Bulbul and Schefflera Tree

  1. These photos of the birds are truly captivating! You are a very good nature photographer! I wish I could take photos like you…but my hands are always to shakey and by the time I mount the camera on a tripod, the bird has usually flown away! 😦

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