My trip-Small Ryukyu Islands


赤腹鶇 Red-bellied Thrush by Small Ryukyu Islands

Looking for interesting things to go from the travel landscape, such as the journey to see birds.
Taiwan migratory birds spend the winter season, because it will not feel cold in winter, but when the seasons change, this group was about to fly back for the winter birds to their original place of residence.

The trip’s destination is Taiwan’s Pingtung small Ryukyu Islands.

The Small Ryukyu Islands located eight nautical miles southwest of the sea at the East Port, under the Ryukyu Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan is the only genus in many outlying coral reef island terrain, narrow shape of the north south width, like the surface of a bulk of the sweet potatoes in Western like embellishment Taiwan an area of about 6‧8 square kilometers, 12 km circumference, the island scenic spots around the island by a road to link together, riding a motorcycle along a winding road around the island about 40 minutes: the Small Ryukyu Islands membership Pingtung County, with an average temperature of 25 degrees , the warmest month of July the average temperature of about 28 degrees, the coldest month on average, about 19 degrees, annual rainfall of about 2000 mm per year: the island coastline dotted with coral reefs, and not the destruction and pollution, directly comparable to “blue colored coral reefs. “Therefore, in recent years, has become the Islands tour Small Ryukyu Islands popular stronghold.


黃尾鴝Daurian Redstart by Black ghost cave

Read the data, I realized that the Daurian Redstart was very origins of birds, far away in the Five Dynasties, there is a painter Huang Quan, in his “rare sketch map” in five bird paintings, one of which is the yellow-tailed Robin winter birds it belongs to a small Thrush birds, body length of 14 cm, the male head of silver, miscellaneous light brown spots, face black, brown back and wings, the wings have a white spot, either resting or flying are very obvious, it can be said that they are “registered trademark”, chest, abdomen, waist radiate bright orange-red central tail feather color black, but each side also was bright orange-red, it is very bright!


Daurian Redstart ,it is like nature in the open woods and bushes zone activities, it is often alone haunt; especially like perched on projections to facilitate foraging through the bottom of the insect, which both have a strong field, but not quite afraid, we can say it is very easy to get the winter migratory birds.


Daurian Redstart by Black ghost cave


Small Ryukyu Islands is symbolic stone vases, the stone vases by sea winds, so it’s very special shape, the arrival of summer sea whenever this place is snorkeling.


Small Ryukyu Islands geographical environment like a shoe floating in the Taiwan Strait, we live in the B & B  can see the island of Taiwan Pingtung Fangliao lights.


1929 built Small Ryukyu Islands lighthouse,Small Ryukyu Islands  two existing lighthouse, a city located in Baisha end port, when the boat near the Provisional of the island and arrivals have guidelines functions; and the lighthouse and Eluanbi Lighthouse has the same guidelines in the Taiwan Strait and the Bashi Channel and from the vessel function, they all belong to an international lighthouse.

P1070018 P1070031

According to the spread of the ancient story, Black Ghost Cave had occurred in the past period of the tragic history of the slave trade: As Small Ryukyu Islands and Luzon distant relative, and from the ship to avoid during storms, boats parked in Liouciou broke down the coast, on the use of slaves night dive in the sea, with a sharp knife to the bottom damage, when the crew found that ship into the water, load this sinking ship, black ghost ship is about objects, food all robbery. Later continue to occur as a result of the shipwreck, the attention of sailing ships, after an investigation, before being noted as Black Ghost, then choose another search landed den, take the night on the occasion, the firewood stacked outside, fire burning, Black Ghost died in cave , a lot of dead bodies and ashes, from the shipwreck occurred rarely.

P1070042 P1070060

Very interesting signs, caution crab!


The  vases stone







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