Winter Birds- Olive-backed Pipit


Olive-backed Pipit(樹鷚)

Rainy days, but occasionally there will be sunshine, my daughter and I walk together to Shimen Reservoir, because running causes frequent trips to the nearest train running Shihmen reservoir natural scenery is very beautiful.
I know there are a lot of maple forest birds have gathered, so carrying a 70-200mm lens, I hope to see a greater variety of birds.

I saw a piece of deadwood on the grass a lot of Olive-backed Pipits, Its similar to the color of its color and grass and look closely to see a flock of birds foraging.


Have you seen Olive-backed Pipit ? It’s in the grass.


Plum trees borne fruit and attract many birds feed.


Daurian Redstart

That is not afraid of birds, so I have been pressing the shutter.


Kaffir Coral Tree


Taiwan Whistling Thrush

This bird’s body flashing blue light.


Daurian Redstart

photos by: Taoyuan Longtan Shihmen Reservoir




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