My Garden- Oval Kumquat


There are Oval Kumquat Trees,
it belongs to citrus fruits and can eat,but the fruit rind of citrus oils have a strong odor, so some people like and do not like it.

Yilan County in northern Taiwan, the largest output, because the terrain is cold northern winter, so it is suitable for growing fruit.

Most mountainous Hsinchu Sinpu are hilly type, but also very suitable for planting citrus.


Insects do not like the strong smell of citrus plants, so the pest is not much, so this is the most organic fruits.


My daughter helped me pick the fruit, after I wash fruit, then add hot water and cook for three minutes, so astringent fruit can be removed.





Add sugar and a little salt, simmer for 20 minutes,I saw the fruit becomes golden color and a little transparent,it is ok!

P1070271 P1070273

Kumquat fruit cooked through and the skin is not very sour fruit, eat in the refrigerator can be extended period of time, tea or jam are good.


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