My Running Scenery


Shimen Reservoir maple woods

Beautiful maple woods and I’m looking forward to grow leaves in the spring, I really like it here running, because the scenery is very beautiful.

My running has been going on for two years, my goal is a month to participate in a half marathon or 10 kilometers road race competitions, running has become such an integral part of a life habit.

This month started running mountain training, I want to make their own leg muscles more strength, able to run longer distances.
My mother always warned me that running will make joint degeneration, but I think the proper exercise every day and allow the muscles around the joint becomes stronger, delayed the arrival of osteoporosis.
Running my mood changed for the better, so that their own more confident.

There are two large reservoirs in northern Taiwan, the largest reservoir in the reservoir is the feitsui reservoir and the other is the Shimen Reservoir.

But the very lack of rainfall this winter, so the reservoir appear silt and cordon, I hope God can rain to adequate water reservoir.


Shimen Reservoir planting so many plums , it also attracts a lot of birds feed.


Taiwan Whistling Thrush


Taiwan Whistling Thrush


Taiwan Whistling Thrush






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