My Trip-Kaohsiung


#1  Kaohsiung Chiho Tianhou Temple(高雄旗後天后宮)

Chiho Matsu(媽祖) Temple  Chiho Matsu(媽祖) Temple

North and south of Taiwan, the weather is very different, always good weather and travel south will have a good mood.

Southern Taiwan Snacks Southern Taiwan Snacks

This is similar to beeftomato taste and eats up more hard and, it is the most special sauce, which is adding plum and licorice powder and sugar, the most important thing is to put ginger.

Chiho Matsu(媽祖) Temple

 Kaohsiung Chiho Tianhou Temple

Most of the temples are Mazu belief that she is blessed fishermen fishing safety.

#2 英國打狗領事館(Former British Consulate Residence at Dagou)

British consulate

British consulateBritish consulate  British consulate

British consulate

Former British Consulate Residence has an interesting wax, let more people know the story of the history of the Consulate.

The establishment of the British consulate from the Qing Xianfeng eight years (1858), the British consulate Residence at Dagou Shi-Hzuwan(Bay) has turned out to be very beautiful and attractive after its reconstruction, It is satisfying to enjoy the tea and meals provided by the cafe while facing the gently blowing breeze from the ocean.

#3 駁二藝術特區(Refute two special and regional arts )

 Refute two special and regional arts Refute two special and regional arts Refute two special and regional arts Refute two special and regional arts Refute two special and regional arts  P1070146 Refute two special and regional arts Refute two special and regional arts

Each time, I have to go to Kaohsiung travel sights, where a former sugar warehouse  and later manufactured sugar industry slowly disappear, transformed into an old warehouse on the cultural and creative shop, have attracted a lot of foreign tourists every day.

#4 高雄總圖書館(Kaohsiung Public Library)

Kaohsiung Public Library

Kaohsiung old library was established in 1916, and later rebuilt library, now the new library was completed in 2014.11.13, NT $ 1.5 billion funding for the construction, the whole library is a green building, I think it is more like art galleries, this is the best I’ve seen beautiful library.

Kaohsiung Public Library Kaohsiung Public Library Kaohsiung Public Library Kaohsiung Public Library

#5 高雄中山大學(National Sun Yat-sen University)

Sun Yat-sen University (Kaohsiung) Sun Yat-sen University (Kaohsiung)Sun Yat-sen University (Kaohsiung) National Sun Yat-sen University National Sun Yat-sen University

Another beautiful sights, Sun Yat-sen University.


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