My Garden-Winter birds


(Tree pipit)

Every day a good mood to deal with everything that is about to happen, so I often say to my children.

I’ve always loved reading and writing, there was a period of time, I tried very hard writing and sent to the newspaper officer, I really think I am going to become a real writer, I am very good at using my native language reading and writing articles.

And now my blog writing in English, sometimes I express is not good and I hope my friend from my photographs to understand the world I live in, I think this is a very good thing.


(Light-vented Bulbul)

See more good things, so that their own has become a better person.

Forget the unhappy past, the pace continues to move forward.


(Muller’s Barbet)

This is one of my favorite birds, but also representatives of the birds Hsinchu County, Taiwan.


(black bulbul)

Recently billed birds often come to visit my garden, they will not be lonely and a large group appear.


(black bulbul)


(black bulbul)


(black bulbul)


(black bulbul)




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