My wild table- Lycium(枸杞)


My wild table dishes, it is a Lycium plants and I planted this variety is eating its leaves, the other variety eat its fruit.


The easiest way is to join the egg cooking, dried leaves can be made into tea bags, according to information lycium  leaves can make the eyes very well.


I told my mom that I thought they wanted to live in the mountains of the house, she was worried that she was afraid I would have no food to eat, in fact, the simple life, for it will not require a lot of food, and of course she’s worried about is right, when when I was old and would consider returning to urban life more convenient, but the situation has not happened yet, so I do not think too much.



This is Bishopwood, its leaves can cook very delicious chicken soup, its fruit will attract a lot of birds feed.

The Chinese have a proverb that”靠山吃山,靠海吃海” this Chinese meaning is “use what god provides”,We make the best use all of our resources land supply.


My herb garden-Mint,Mint leaves can herbal tea

People have a dream, I dream of a trip round the world travel to increase by experience of life, I’m not sure whether this dream fulfilled, but I have the land, I saw and felt another world.


My herb garden-Oregano

Oregon leaves can be marinated chicken or fish, it is a great herb plants.


My herb garden- Mt. Lemmon Marigold, Its leaves can make tea, drinking well fragrance.


My herb garden-Lavender,I made of dried flowers, it has the effect of insecticide.


My herb garden-rosemary

Rosemary smell very strong, it can be used as a spice chicken or making cookies.

15 thoughts on “My wild table- Lycium(枸杞)

  1. I liked this herbal part of your garden, as herbs play a significant part in my life now because of poor health.
    It is fantastic to see this garden. Thank you for liking my poetry, Best wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

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