My Trip-Taipei Houtong cats village


Taiwan has many beautiful small towns, they are building on the hillside, the former may be a lively and bustling place.


I walked into the village, I could see a lot of cat is very cute cat breeds, cat village maps and cat house, many cats on a leisurely walking.

 Cats and cats, it really belongs to the cat’s home and the residents are very fond of cats.

Cat village, there are many beautiful flowers.

Taipei District Houtong Rueifang cats village, also known as Houtong Cats Street, which is located in New Taipei City Rueifang Houtong, which is based in  Guangfu Road area as the center of the village old street, the town at the end of 2009 for a new Rueifang planning attractions, once in November 2013 and Japan’s two cats Island, United States, Italy, Turkey and other attractions in parallel, the US CNN named as “the world’s six cats tour attractions.”

Cats village habitat due to long-term close contact with tourists, most cats have been afraid of life, but some cats will initiate contact with people spoiled. Due to relatively hot day, so the cat population would likely hiding in the shade, it was easier to see in the evening after a large number of cats spectacular cluster, Houtong coal industry in the early years was the largest city in Taiwan, take a train ride from Taipei, about one hour.


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