My Trip-Taipei Jinguashi – B&B


Beautiful mountain – Jinguashih


This trip is no transport, take the train to the city and then take a taxi, we walked about 20 minutes to arrive at this B&B in the mountains.

Along the way you can see the sea, there are beautiful views and plants.

This B&B is no TV, but there are a lot of dvd movies and books can be read,Double room price of about US $ 109, the price is very affordable.




Wonderful dinner, although the cost of accommodation is not included, but I feel very worthwhile, Slow Food Bed and Breakfast, which is the slow pace of life, so that people pay attention to their own food, pay careful attention to the side of the little things, including eating so the simple thing.

All ingredients are local farmers with purchase!!



This is my second visit to this B & B, my friends and I go through the lively jioufen(九份), go down the mountains walk is Jinguashi, not too many tourists here, so quiet, you do not see the crowd, but in the mountains there is a very quiet B & B, I hope every year once the opportunity to experience a different Jinguashih slow pace of life.

Taiwan travel advantage is not to waste too much travel time, perhaps no fancy buildings and spectacular mountain views, but for me this is a different view of the experience.

This trip, my transport is buses, trains and my legs, my friends and I spend a very full and happy days.


Such a beautiful environment, if you do not have a chance to visit Taiwan and arrangements that place is really a pity!









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