My Garden- Fringe-tree(流蘇花開)



This is my garden fringed trees, the leaves when they fall out in the winter, just like animals hibernate, the arrival of spring the leaves grow and I know that it is alive. 

This is Fringe-tree season, I would really like flowering tree, its flowers is like a lot of small white ball, then there is a hint of flavor, fringed flowers attract many butterflies gather honey.

Jasmin Orange(月橘)

I planted beside the stone steps of Jasmin Orange red fruit grown, this plant can withstand cold winter and strong winds, it is a kind of robust vitality of plants.


Tangerine flowers


Brazil cherry(巴西甜櫻桃)







5 thoughts on “My Garden- Fringe-tree(流蘇花開)

  1. This garden has so much interesting things whether summer or winter!
    It is definitely a show piece and a garden to be proud of.


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