Spring Iris


Taiwan, Hsinchu Sinpu Jyupu Trail(巨埔步道)

Today is a rainy day, I saw the window does not stop the rain, I was finally more at ease, because of the recent rainfall in various regions of Taiwan since last year than decrease, so the reservoirs are facing water shortages, It rain has been kept out of the window, hoping rainwater reservoir can exist, but not landing in the plains to the sea.

Yesterday I spend my 44th birthday, my husband and two daughters, accompanied by our family enjoyed the cake, I think my life is simple and ordinary, perhaps in the eyes of outsiders may be a bit tedious, but I try to learn from life to go to find a little bit different or interesting places, though not often travel, but I often read travel books, hoping that one day is really written in the book can be achieved in different countries and different scenery, and I do not think there is any Unfortunately, the current goal in life is to want two daughters after college, my parents being considered as a temporary assignment is completed.

Taiwan, Hsinchu Sinpu Jyupu Trail(巨埔步道)



My garden-Taiwan Iris

When I was young, I felt comfortable and I am a free man, I have a steady job and an enviable income, then until after the marriage had a real family, only to find the original problem in life is so complex, of course, more fun Sometimes also want their own freedom like a bird can fly their own place to go temporarily out of life now, this sentiment is not possible before the performance of his family, because they will ask questions is, “Mom, do you not happy?

Everyone is afraid of being alone in the need to accompany every moment, we always want someone to accompany the family to become brave fighting force alone.

12 thoughts on “Spring Iris

  1. Happy birthday to you. It sounded like a wonderful day that you had with your family. And you had cake too, yummy. Beautiful photos too, especially the one of the peacock. That is indeed a lucky shot 🙂 Life gets harder as we grow older as we have more responsibilities, more people to take care of. However, unlike some others, I don’t fear being alone. In fact, the less people around me, the more energy I get 🙂

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    • Thank you blessing, maybe people get older, it is afraid of loneliness, because there are already accustomed to his family, so I think the young is full of courage and adventure, can do a lot of things need courage. 🙂


  2. The irises are so beautiful. And the peacock showing his beautiful feathers! Spending your birthday with your family sounds very nice. I often wonder if my children will decide to stay near me as they continue to pursue their own lives. It is an interesting thought but not one I can do much about. Thank you for sharing your pictures and your day with us. 🙂

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    • Thank you read my photos, I like to find little pleasure from life and photography of beautiful scenery.
      I admire you can transform their own hands little things that make life more beautiful and more convenient, I especially like the idea that the transformation you lamp, It is like a glowing flower. 🙂

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