My Run-Shimen Reservoir road race(11K)


This road race is divided into half-marathon and 11 km road race, I took 11 km, this is the second year to participate in Shimen Reservoir road race, I chose the road race condition is run place near home, another choice of conditions is wind assessment events is good.

The scenery is very beautiful, the participation of about 5,000 runners, the beginning of the road is uphill, about 5 km, and is 3 km downhill, uphill running, I still think it is difficult for me, I still lack training.
After the finish, a lot of runners participated in facebook posted their own achievements, half marathon time of 1:40:00 just some young runners completed, an average of one kilometer is 4-5 minutes, they also believe that their own run too slow, oh! I’m too old, I think that maintain their own comfortable pace, is to fully enjoy the fun of running.






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