My garden-Muller’s Barbet


It seems like my neighbors, every day will always appear at some point, perhaps they have been accustomed to our presence, so it was not afraid.

Muller’s Barbet its body has five colors, these colors are very bright, so I always feel that it is a lively birds.


Attitude when birds fly, people feel free, but still looks like a bird, people feel calm, I heard the birds singing every day and never feel tired.

IMG_6153 IMG_6152 IMG_6151 IMG_6148 IMG_6146


9 thoughts on “My garden-Muller’s Barbet

  1. Beautiful, beautiful shots of the bird. So colourful, and you made them stand out so well! Hope it visits you again and sings you a beautiful song. Here in Melbourne, there are always birds hanging around outside my window. Though they are not colourful but usually black or brown in colour, they sing beautiful songs 🙂


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