Memories from family– BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE, DAY 1


I was invited by Gin from DARWIN ON THE ROCKS AND AROUND THE WORLD to take part in a five days black and white photo challenge.

But before the challenge started, I want to express that thanks often to watch my blog friends, you let me have an incentive to non-native manner blogs, from September last year, although the time is not long, but I will very hard to record my pastoral life and everything.

Now I start the first day of the challenge, which has about five days of black-and-white photographs, I have finished idea, I want to people, buildings, animals, plants and landscapes for vision, photo source from their own home or traveling or living.

Black and white photographs, I think 10 years ago, I took my husband and daughter this picture, every time I see this picture, my heart is always full of warmth and emotion, photos of the little girl now grown to become adolescent girls, though every night before going to bed and kissed her father always said good night, but for me, this is a return to the past memories of black and white photographs.

Challenges on the black and white photographs, it is rather difficult for me to invite friends to participate, if you are willing to participate, please do not hesitate, this rule is very simple.

There are only 2 rules to follow by accepting this challenge:

1.Post a different black and white photo of yours each day for five consecutive days.

2.Nominate a fellow blogger on each day to continue the challenge.

See you tomorrow. 🙂


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