My running training

Shihmen Reservoir in Taoyuan

Shihmen Reservoir Taoyuan

This is the Shihmen Reservoir in Taoyuan, where the need to drive 20 minutes away from my home, the early morning, this is my secret route running, but I saw a lot of the early direction of the old couple walking along the reservoir,

I began to run from 6:00 am, Fusing Township toll station and then to turn back along Lake Road, just started a continuous steep 5 km more difficult, my lack of muscular endurance, I ran one kilometer downhill use to maintain the speed for 5-6 minutes, 10 kilometers in one hour 20 minutes to control ended, I went home before 8:00.
I run difficulties in recent times, although that is running a lot, but the speed and distance can not progress, I have 44 years old, I must admit, because no matter how exercise can not return to 20 or 30-year-old young physical state.
Taoyuan Luchu half marathon as well two days……..:)

Shihmen Reservoir in Taoyuan

Shihmen Reservoir  Taoyuan(環湖路)

Shihmen Reservoir in Taoyuan

Shihmen Reservoir  Taoyuan





13 thoughts on “My running training

  1. Beautiful! What a scenic run and a treat for the eyes. And what colorful running shoes. Good that you are running, it’s great exercise and don’t push yourself too much 🙂


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