My Garden-Red bayberry(楊梅紅了)

Red bayberry

This is my husband’s hand, he is often the protagonist of my shutter, some on hand, though he did not like in front of the camera comes out, I think his hand is very beautiful, married nearly 20 years, I have often praise him, this one way is to maintain the marriage.

My first bayberry tree

My first bayberry tree-6years

Garden planted two plants arbutus, whenever there is a beautiful drawing result, it sounded like a lot of red hung on the Christmas tree light bulb, very cute, beautiful and delicious fruit trees also attract a lot of birds to feed .

My second bayberry tree

My second bayberry tree-2years

Bayberry is grown in the fruit of the tree, it tasted very fresh, it is because the shelf life is short, so I will be picked and made fruit jam.


Today my husband share one of his favorite band in college, this is Daryl Hall & John Oates, we listen to their music I felt so very happy, the body swing.


This is my family, Shiba Inu, she was always running around and explore the curious, though has been to the mountain cabin many times, but each time is like the first experience.

I took off her collar, so she really did not restrained run free,Here I do not let her use the leash, because she’ll be home until tired.







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