My Garden-Red bayberry and birds


Red bayberry fruits attract a lot of birds, I want to be the attitude of to live together with nature is to share. This morning I collected some bayberry fruit, feed the birds take turns staying, I saw a birds remain on the tree, I would carefully observe it, its mouth to eat three fruits, so I feel very interesting. 🙂


Look! The birds have three fruit in the mouth!


Subtropical climate, and make it into a big stove, the city’s air-conditioned air conditioning constantly circulating, the indoor heat are discharged, so the outdoor temperature rises, people feel very impatient, and this time I’ll stay in the mountain hut, Although the height above sea level here is only 300 meters, but lower than the temperature in the city three times, I feel very comfortable, and the sun slowly after four p.m. down, the temperature is more pleasant, I also took advantage of the bright sky time to stroll the garden behind the house.

Today, My husband and I planted 186 plants, most of them are saplings, I hope that these trees can grow, maybe 5 or 10 years after it became a beautiful forest.

落羽松 Deciduous Cypress (20)、澳洲茶樹Tea Tree (30)、法國梧桐London Tree (1)、樹蘭Orchid Tree (30)、美人樹Floss-silk Tree (1)、竹柏(30)、烏桕 Chinese Tallow Tree (10)、羅漢松Buddhist Pine (10)、黃蝦花Lollypops Super Goldy (20)、神秘果Micaculous Berry (5)、紅花風鈴木 Rosy Trumpet Tree (10)、黑松 Japanese black pine (5)、流蘇樹 Chinese Fringe-tree (10)。





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