My taste-Gnocchi

My  taste-Gnocchi

My taste-Gnocchi

I always like to look at some travel programs, because my children have not before college, I did not have much time to arrange long-distance travel.

What travel that is in different places also feel at home, I think.

Travel program has scene that impressed me, it was in Amalfi coast Italian cooking shore scenes, a lot of the house along with mountain building, it is a beautiful picture, I hope one day to less beautiful country to travel and cook a delicious meal for my own.

I have planted pumpkin, but perhaps soil or other unpredictable issues pumpkin growth condition is not good, but I really love to eat pumpkin, I read some studies have reported that eating pumpkin can prevent the occurrence of dementia for the elderly, I prefer to believe that this research is true.


This is like a kind of pasta, but my home has similar food, I rub it into the flour steamed pumpkin, and then divided into small pieces into the boiling water, the dough can be cooked in the refrigerator, taste their own pick, In the summer  you can put into cold sugar water, but now I put pork and vegetables, very delicious.



Hualien, Taiwan delicious pumpkin

花蓮美好花生的栗子南瓜 Hualien, Taiwan delicious pumpkin








4 thoughts on “My taste-Gnocchi

  1. The pumpkin and the dishes you cooked look very good. I wouldn’t mind coming over for dinner… I love gnocchi, though usually I eat it in small portions. A little gnocchi makes me full, just like a lot of pastas.

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