My wild table-Flying fish fried rice (蘭嶼飛魚干炒飯)

Flying Fish fried rice

Taiwan Lanyu island- flying fish fried rice

My sister just Lanyu travel back, she gave me a gift, this gift exclusively this season, and that is the island of Lanyu Flying Fish, it can short flight, the attitude presented s type in the sea, a very special fish.

February to June of each year among the Lanyu Island flying fish season, because flying fish belong to migratory fish, so flying fish will follow the Kuroshio Pacific Ocean and on the north, along the way to lay eggs, so there will be a lot of sea around Island Flying fish, the ancestors of Lanyu this period as flying fish season calendar.

Flying start time Lanyu season is not necessarily the tribes, mainly in accordance with instructions of Lanyu calendar, and then by the tribal elders decided to start flying fish season time, flying fish season will continue for two months, after the ban on flying fish catch season.

Flying Fish

Taiwan Lanyu island- flying fish

After the locals catch flying fish, in order to extend the storage time so the first heat with a wood drying fish, and then the use of natural resources – sunshine to dry fish.

I soaked the dried fish, then torn lumps, then add the onion, shallots and egg, rice stir-fry over low heat, it becomes a very special flavor of dried fish fried rice.

About Taiwan Lanyu island

Lanyu (Yami Language: Ponso no Tao) is located on the island of Taiwan, Southeast somewhere out at sea, the administrative divisions under the jurisdiction of Taiwan Taitung County, Lanyu Island surrounded by the sea, because of the island’s unique culture and customs of the Tao(Dawu) aborigines and Natural Attractions it is a very beautiful island.


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