Garden Scenery


Summer is the gardener’s enemy. Why? Because as long as the sun appeared, the mountains of the temperature rise immediately, this time in the sunlight tough, even a hat, solar control body wearing clothes drying in the sun skin is very uncomfortable.

This time, I will hide in the shade or leave at the distant flying birds, they also have a strong field in the face of other species of birds, their wings and threats of sound.




Cute red fruit, shining in the sun, I do not know whether the birds like to eat, but I’m sure I do not eat this fruit, although it much juice, but it very sour………

Recently, my husband sorted out a piece of land in our mountain region, he fully with a hoe and do not use any equipment, full use of ecological engineering methods, the original soil into the water-permeable bag and then stack some ground cover plants planted in the bag on, so that the soil will not be lost with the rain, this is a way to protect the land, originally uneven land into land plants can be grown.

Red Bayberry

Red bayberry


Red Bayberry and Athyma perius (Linnaeus) 白三線蝶




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