My Life-Summer is coming


Summer is coming
Sunlight, and she sleeps in the shade, with the sun’s movement to replace the sleeping position, I think it’s funny, I could not help laughing. 🙂

Good morning!


Because love and believe, so she could sleep so soundly.

The balcony is another shade at her, sometimes she’ll be here in the sun, and today she suddenly stood motionless, her eyes had been looking at somewhere, I’m curious, I later found out that she saw a cicada, summer really here! She also found it!






7 thoughts on “My Life-Summer is coming

  1. Wow… Your Dog looks like HACHIKO! ❤ hahaha! Cute! I like the way you narrate this blog like a short story flick. You made it dramatic.. I mean… really.. thumbs up! Plus! I love your photography… I think I am falling in love with your blog..! 😀 HAHA! Glad I followed you.! ^^

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