My life-Color Pencils


In June, this year over half

Recently started painting again, I think my weakness is curious about anything new, but this is my fault, resulting in continuous learning is not enough.

Now, not busy, I was always a person, and this time the best way is to pick up the calm one’s mind strokes painting, I was impatient people, and this is another way to calm down their own training, I think.



20 thoughts on “My life-Color Pencils

    • Dear Gin:
      Yes, it seems to be a very happy panda animals, their life is to eat, for China, the panda is very delicate animals.
      You already moved to England to live it?


      • Not yet, in … a bit less than two weeks ! But this weekend, I’m flying there for a wedding, but come back to Belgium afterwards to pack the rest of my belongings. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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  1. 很新鮮的發現有人也在經營雙語的部落格!(雖然我也還只是newbie哈哈)很棒呢無論是畫作還是雙語的紀錄:)希望我也能多多生出雙語文章!

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    • 呵呵!我想我血液裡有渴望旅行的因子,想像自己置身在異國,然後說聲:Hello,我想就是這樣,不管是語言還是畫畫都在學習中,活到老學到老,呵呵呵!


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