My life-Summer cicadas


I can not understand these live in the ground or trees cicadas will fly here, my home is on the 10th floor and the building, I think it was a tree very much, and it is similar living environment, or just get lost, I guess.

This is the most common type of summer in Taiwan, its life is very short, only about 2-3 weeks, it was too late to feel the goodness of life is over, so I think being a human being is a very happy thing, including life beautiful, expectations of life and unknown place.

To enjoy the moment!   🙂

5 thoughts on “My life-Summer cicadas

  1. Yes, the life of a cicada is very short… You know, they stay in the ground for YEARS! Your succulents made me drool! AWESOME POST and photos…

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  2. 在鄉下會捉蟬來加菜,我吃過,多肉,真的很不錯! 也算是一種數量控制的方法. 要不然蟬的幼蟲在地下吸食的可是樹根的汁液來維生的.

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