My garden-Rangoon Creeper


Now is the butterfly season
Many put the buds butterfly larvae as a food, the larvae are now into beautiful butterflies in the forest between now gardening is pruning dilapidated plant leaves, let them re-grow.


This is swallowtail butterfly , it appears like citrus cultivation environment, so the city will not find it.


Butterflies flying very fast, so when taking pictures requires patience and luck.


Common Melastoma(野牡丹)

It was born in the hillside below the low-altitude woods or open shrub grass, it is a common wild plant in the mountains.


Now, my garden Rangoon Creeper  bloom, it smells fragrant, very nice hanging in the trees, the wind blows it like a red jingle







11 thoughts on “My garden-Rangoon Creeper

  1. And luck was certainly on your side as you were taking photos of that day 😉 I love the shot of the black butterfly and the pink leaf. Beautiful focus and such clarity in that shot. You can certainly photograph birds, and now butterflies. Wonderful work with the camera. The shots of the Rangoon Creepers are lovely too. They must have been swaying because they were excited you were going to take their photo 😉

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    • Dear Mabel:
      U always carefully read my post, even though I strongly feel my English is not very fluent, but u still very attached to the response, thank you, sometimes I always like to feel the magic of communication networks, which and familiar face to face conversation or conversations with friends or strangers are not the same.
      Perhaps instead so that we can say what we feel to enjoy, not to cover up, I do not use up the challenge to record the blog, the expression is not perfect, but some friends always leave them a message to me, it makes I moved, I believe it is a driving force.
      Have a nice day!

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