My garden-Green


I said I hate summer, but my kids always protested, they like summer, because their can play in the water to the beach, you can wear easily, do not wear heavy clothes, you can for me, summer people boring, especially outdoor sun, even just standing on the balcony, hot air will be blown uncomfortable.
Chinese people do not love their children eat too much ice food, the elderly think it makes within the body becomes more cold, but I do not deny that people eat foods cool in the summer is a pleasure.

My garden-Mysteriousfruit(神秘果)

It is a mysterious fruit called fruit trees, mysterious fruit called Why? Because as long as eating the small red fruit you can make to eat into his mouth sour into sweet, so I get to experiment with lemon, really amazing, become very sweet lemon fruit, mysterious fruit contains an enzyme “glycoproteins”, known as the “mysterious fruit element (Miraculin)”, it has a conversion function of taste.


14 thoughts on “My garden-Green

  1. Summer. I hope it’s not too hot for you. Stay indoors and sit in front of the fan if it does. My mum also say don’t eat cold things too often as it will make the body cold and you get “chill” easily. But, I like summer because that means more icy drinks and ice-creams, and less clothes to wear (less winter layers) which means less laundry.

    Beautiful shots of the birds. I like the colourful one especially. So talented in photography and painting, Meihsiu. Amazing ❤

    That is a very green lemon. Hope you put it to good use 🙂

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    • Dear Mabel:
      Asians than Westerners seem to prefer the summer season, but I think because of the different latitudes, the summer there are different feelings, Taiwan’s relatively sticky summer temperatures hot, but in the summer, although Western countries but also can endure high temperatures, so the West people with more joy and enjoyment mood to face the summer from their bikini sunbathing at the beach, that was my summer abroad most impressed, I think.
      Have a nice day! 🙂

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