What do you see the sky?


In the summer.

I always used to get up at 5:00 in the morning, summer faster dawn, when the family still asleep, I like to enjoy full of golden light alone time, because for me, this moment is very nice, even if day watching I will not feel bored, because every day is a new beginning.

A person can have much time alone? I often asked myself this question, especially in having a family, we bear a lot of responsibility, a responsibility to his wife, mother, daughter, many times our time is broken is divided this is a quiet person can make the brain and body time to rest, for me, I think this time is necessary.
Like sometimes, I like to chat with my daughter, but she will say to me: Mom, I’m tired in school today, so I would like a quiet person.

Sky and alone have any relevance? I found I had a lot of photos of the sky, the sky has a tree or a bird or a cloud of foil it seems to become alive, at any time and in different light, sky color a lot changes every photo on the sky seems to have a story.

This is a mountain cabin sky pictures, I remember that summer night, no light harmful mountains, the stars do not hide, I can almost feel the whole sky full of stars like a dome, my hand toward the sky and then draw an angle of 180, each angle has presence of a star, for me, it is incredible.

Summer sunset

Summer morning

This is an exclusive eagle sky, we must appreciate the quiet. 🙂

It is full of white cotton candy sky.

Full of trees of dead branches the sky, I think this is also very beautiful sky.

No matter how great work, more distinctive identity, and a lot of wealth, after all, have hearts can desire a quiet moment alone.
That’s when you stopped and looked up at the sky, I think you will have a few seconds or a few minutes of quiet, which is convinced.


11 thoughts on “What do you see the sky?

  1. Beautiful photos all round, Meihsiu. Different times of the day, different weather. You inspire me to go out more take more photos like that, which I haven’t been doing lately 🙂

    Alone time is important – it’s a time where we can reflect on ourselves, or get things done 🙂

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  2. I enjoy quiet moments. When the house is still and the only sounds come from nature. When it’s quiet I feel everything is in its place and I am at peace. Your photographs are beautiful. They bring back the quiet times I treasure. Have a lovely evening.

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  3. 天空帶來無限遐想 —- . 天空是一塊非常好的畫布 .
    你可自由填上任何物.讓它成為心理另一幅自由畫 。

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