My acrylic painting courses

I fell into a busy life, but I think this is very nice, because it is touching own favorite painting. I never learn to draw, just have painting classes start on acrylic paint, so I signed up for the first time to learn acrylic painting, I find it interesting, it’s like another form of oil paintings, the layers of pattern, requires patience and observation.
We are starting from imitation, the teacher gave us a work, then paint directly on the canvas, we observed changes in shading and color mixing, this process people feel test.

My sketch courses and acrylic painting courses simultaneously, because every time the painting experience, I am basically not enough to learn their own paintings, such as the architect to build a house, to make a solid foundation of the house, in order to start the next step works, so for painting courses, I began to learn drawing, painting it is essential, I think I should start training from the sketch.

The right is my painting teacher works, his sketches painting has a very smooth line, so I want to learn.

I love birds, so I continued to practice color pencil drawing.:)


17 thoughts on “My acrylic painting courses

  1. You sketch, draw, colour and paint so well, Meihsiu. When I first saw your sketches on Instagram, I thought you had a talent for this area of art. In fact, now that you mention it, I thought you had been taking classes for a long, long time. But it seems that without the classes, you are able to convey so much life through your colourful artworks. I won’t be surprised if someday you start teaching an art class yourself 🙂 Hope all is well this summer so far.

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    • I think the process of learning important than the result, Chinese proverb: It is never too old to learn, I want to keep my enthusiasm, enjoy the pleasure of painting, I hope.
      Thank you Mabel gave me encouragement, I believe I have the confidence,haha…..:)

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  2. 相形之下,我不知哪來的勇氣敢於po出我的畫。下次我會盡量畫漂亮一點,哈!

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    • 別這麼說,我是新手,我畫畫老師說:自信很重要,藝術本來就是見人見智啦!😊

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      • 那我可能太過自信了,哈!也許更是中年人的任性,及不再那麼在乎別人的看法吧?


  3. A fantastic and stimulating craft is art! I admire what you do as I can only do basic drawing.
    Thank you for liking my poem “I’m in Angel Street”!

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