My summer-Rice

Taiwan’s northern climate suitable for planting rice in twice periods, and now it is time to harvest the rice first period yesterday typhoon, the first to have a lot of rice in bad weather before harvest, most have had a chance to harvest, of course, this typhoon bring a lot of rain, the impact on Taiwan is not large.

Life’s most beautiful scenery, so we always ignore life like this little landscape.

I live in the country about five years, I learned a lot, one of the most different is how to make their own from the busy pace of life becomes slow.


Taiwan is also facing rural areas now rarely paddy planting young to stay at home, they think farming is a very hard work and lack of interest, but a lot of farmland are family heritage to future generations, many young people leave home to the city to work, not willing to work hard for it.
I suddenly remembered that I had one thing in the military, and I asked a young man why he did not choose the military career, he said he would prefer to play computer games at home, do not want to be bound by the rules of the army, I asked him: military relatively high and stable income, he said: He not high income, as long as he lives comfortably freedom.
Today’s young people want an easy job, unwilling to face setbacks and challenges, this is a crisis, if it were me, I would prefer challenging work, so that their own learning more different know at a young age, that work experience is caused by a time.

It was beautiful scenery paddy field near my house, I think it kind of rice is a sacred work, it must take the spirit and patience, because income is so meager.

I take a view described as golden rice the waves.

Pink Powderpuff(香水合歡)

Ceylon-olive Elaeocarpus(錫蘭橄欖的花苞)

This wild plant called Smalt or Woad (Daqing), which is a very special plant, the leaves can be extracted indigo, a dye, while it leaves can also be eaten as a vegetable, but I do not try, it is also a butterfly nectar plants and flowers in full bloom always attract a lot of butterflies.


It is very common in the foothills and Wilderness of plants in Taiwan, but I also know it is only in recent years, because bloom is very beautiful .


Chinese Tallow Tree

Chinese Tallow Tree

9 thoughts on “My summer-Rice

  1. This is really good to plant your own rice.
    Unfortunately Taiwan is like parts of the Caribbean where the younger generation feel to farm is too much hard work.
    They prefer everything done for them.
    Thank you so much for liking my poem.
    Have a blessed day!

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