My garden

Every time a plant to make a photographic record, I’m always thinking, reason why would be planted? Beautiful? Easy to grow? Or just a sudden inspiration?
Life is not daily errands,nor is monotonous day to day life, so I tried to find a little fun in everyday life.
When we find a garden plant suddenly weak and dying when my husband always asked me: Why? We all have to have their water, fertilizer and sunshine, why they can not grow or wither it?
Plants in the world would have no certain rules, just as in life, as well.

Pink Powderpuff(香水合歡的筴果)



Taiwan Eugenia


My husband’s favorite yellow shrimp flowers, he likes some of the brightly colored plant.




6 thoughts on “My garden

  1. 我想妳應該知道塔莎杜朵(Tasha Tudor)


  2. I like the yellow flowers a lot. Very cheery and they are like rays of sunshine in their own right. The first flower is beautiful too – like it has so many beautiful hands 😀 Sometimes maybe flowers are weak and don’t grow anymore – that might not be our fault and because we didn’t take good care enough of them, but it can be the weather’s fault. Too hot, too cold is no good. Life is unpredictable that way. Hope summer is treating you and your family well.

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  3. Since I have been observing your garden I must say I am fascinated by the different plants and flowers you have growing in there. I even like the way you photograph the birds and insects!
    The Pink Powder Puff is a favourite of mine!
    I hope you have been enjoying the weekend and best wishes to you and your husband!


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