Taiwan’s Hualien beautiful canyon(錐麓古道)

Taiwan’s Hualien Taroko foreign tourists must visit place, both sides have big cliffs,
I think one of Taiwan’s most beautiful trail, which is also the Japanese colonial era, there’s the trail, this Zhuilu Old Road also known as the East Asia by the Japanese first cliff.
This trail throughout 10.3 kilometers, I have to train in the afternoon, so I chose to enter the trail from the east Swallow, although only 6.2 km, but because of altitude, must all the way to climb, it is also a test of strength, we spent 4 hours to finish the trail, if you choose to spend about 6-7 hours 10.3 kilometers.
Zhuilu Old Road scenery is very beautiful, and the collapse of the mountain valley, it considered the extent of the challenge trail, my feeling is great.

Some trail sections only 30 cm width, which cause irritation and nervous because another is next to the cliff.

It took us four hours to finish, this time we can enjoy the beautiful scenery cliff。:)


16 thoughts on “Taiwan’s Hualien beautiful canyon(錐麓古道)

  1. Beautiful park in Taiwan. What a long trail but the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Love the shots you took – the first one really captures the grandeur of this place. Those narrow paths close to the cliffs sound very challenging to cross but I’m sure there is the safety barrier to guide you along 🙂

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  2. Great respect to you because this trail to requires serious stamina!
    Thanks for reading about, and for liking my poem.
    Best wishes.


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