My paintings

This is my fourth site acrylic painting, distant mountains and forests, near the stone road, which is a very conception of painting, half-done work, has not been completed.
The interesting thing about acrylic painting, is that I think are not satisfied put new paint and then coated with change, who cares?
Sometimes in life, too, has been desperate to move forward, and then found the wrong way, as long as there are opportunities, who can not choose for themselves a better life of the road.

My mother is very concerned about her views on others, to farm her childhood as the main income of her life are making money, buy a lot of house and she is to save her that human life is to keep busy, so when we advised her to stop worry and enjoy life, she is not able to accept that her idea is very simple, she thinks there is wealth will be appreciated.

We are accustomed to care about the opinions of others, which has become a negative force, I have Quanguo mother, a person alive as long as health and mood, it is better than someone else’s vision of intangible wealth, and of course my mother, she did not understand I have to say.

Chinese people can not expect things are against God’s instructions so, some find the answer to God why have to deal with, the mother of the view of life, I do not think I have to change her mind, I only hope My mother was able to keep you happy heart.

I try to paint a lot of material, such as continuing to explore the New World, and then find a way best suited to their own painting, then you can stop and enjoy, I think.

My personality is very impatient, so I feel like the carbon pen with your fingers to touch, draw a good or bad? It does not matter.

22 thoughts on “My paintings

  1. 我蠻喜歡妳的壓克力畫作品


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  2. 好漂亮的風景畫啊!經妳一說,我才終於了解壓克力畫和油畫的區別。



  3. Your paintings and drawings are beautiful. I have also come to terms with the fact that our parent’s concerns and priorities are very different from ours. No use to tell them to stop worrying for the sake of better health and longer life. They don’t understand what you are talking about. 😦

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  4. Your talent is endless! I love seeing all the beautiful things you paint, draw, photograph and grow. With age I have mellowed but I’ve worked hard at turning off that demanding voice in my head!

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  5. You are underestimating your talent and are very modest!
    I like what I see. If I could draw the way you can then I would be able to draw the pictures to the children’s story I have written, it would be so good. Meihsiu, this is good in my opinion!
    I’d like to thank you for reading and liking my poetry, it is people like yourself who give me the confidence to be a better writer!
    Thank you so much.
    Best wishes.

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  6. You read Change your ways, Stop and search, You look so lonesome and The Mystery of the Tempest.
    With much gratitude, thank you very much!

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