My garden-Ceylon-olive Elaeocarpus(錫蘭橄欖)


Mantis baby looked at me?

Like brush flowers, you have seen it?

Starting in August of each year, the olive flower slowly opening up, this time will always attract a lot of butterflies and bees close, a few days ago I was injured wasp sting, that scared too big bites of pain, living in the environment of nature, or must be careful and respect for all life.

IMG_7311 IMG_7312 IMG_7314 IMG_7315

Pink Powderpuff pods

Look like a bird with outstretched wings?


After the sun goes down, it becomes golden olive flower, I hope and love my garden to share with friends.:)

IMG_7323 IMG_7327 IMG_7329 IMG_7331

Have a nice day!

12 thoughts on “My garden-Ceylon-olive Elaeocarpus(錫蘭橄欖)

  1. The vegetation is amazing 🙂 I also love the new design of the blog !

    I was very busy these last few weeks, so I couldn’t really check out blogs… I hope you are alright and enjoying summer 🙂

    You know, i may go to Taiwan for holiday in November ! Do you have any recommendations for this time of the year ? :-):-):-)

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  2. So much beauty going on in your garden!
    I’m sorry the wasps stung you.
    I hope you are allright now as the pain can be terrible. The garden is a great credit to you!
    Thank you for liking my comments and poetry.
    You are a wonderful gardener!

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  3. I enjoyed your garden and loved seeing the baby praying mantis and in the first photo, that colorful bird. I am sorry you were stung by the wasp, and appreciate your attitude of respecting all life despite your injury.

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