My wild table

Acerola berry

This is a quiet blogs, I occasionally come back and record some of the little things of life.
The weather is getting into the fall, before the typhoon brought rainfall moist summer dry land, but also bring a little life into my garden, but many plants are unable to resist the summer heat and withered, it does not matter, then plant some seedlings is new life coming this fall.

Red pulp of guava

Orange Daylily

My wild food

Flowerpot can be planted vegetables, its plant genus Asteraceae, from the leaves can be seen, so it has a special aroma, I took off after it leaves washed and egg fried together, its wild food.






My wild food
I use the garden sweet potato leaves and honey made vegetable juice, very healthy and nutritious, if the exclusion sweet potato leaves taste can be boiled into boiling water.





16 thoughts on “My wild table

  1. These are such beautiful photographs from your garden. Meihsiu. The guava looks so fresh, and so does that guava drink. The guava drink reminds me of another green fruit, avocado, which I like and eat with toast bread 🙂 The orange flower looks very nice too, great detail in that one.

    Hope you enjoyed summer and that it is not too wet. Happy fall or autumn. I’m looking forward to spring and warmer weather in Australia 🙂

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  2. That typhoon that hit Taiwan about a month ago also caused all the leaves to fall off of our backyard trees. However, with the recent rain, things are coming back to life.

    Those guavas look delicious. It is one of my favorite types of fruit. You are very lucky to be able to grown vegetables and fruit yourself.

    It’s Friday! Have a great weekend!

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  3. 妳好!! 好久没听到你。好高兴读你的blog. Wow!! Sweet potato leaves can juice? I love guava and can eat alot of it. Sweet potato leaves for me, I fry with chilli paste! Thank you for sharing. Your garden is always so pretty 🙂

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