My garden-Orange Daylily(金針花)


About four years ago, I planted a number of lily seedlings in the garden, I remember that I waited until the second year began after flowering, when the lilies bloom is very beautiful in the sunlight, yellow gold, it attracts attention.


When the lilies for eating purposes, we need to start off yet and pale green buds dried. Lily is one of the historic Chinese diet food, eating method is usually picking dried buds (golden brown), boiled lily soup, or chicken roast.













17 thoughts on “My garden-Orange Daylily(金針花)

  1. What lovely photos of the orange flowers, Meihsiu. They look very cheery. Great butterfly shot too. It must be hungry, eating the nectar from the flower and didn’t notice you 🙂 That looks like such a delicious bowl of dried noodles, and I am sure it was just that – delicious and you enjoyed it. Or whoever enjoyed it, enjoyed it 🙂

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    • Dear Mabel
      Chinese people depend on nature for a living, lack of food in the past era, so many flowers to become food, of course, still have to be careful when eating, lily flower has a unique crisp taste, I feel very special, it was also dried flowers are edible , but I like fresh, haha…..😊

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  2. This is interesting! The Lily is a beautiful flower and I’e seen a few different kinds, but not this one. The plus is that it is edible! Thank you for reading and liking my poem.
    Best wishes.

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      • I think your life and all these wonderful things you grow are so amazing! Time and patience reap rewards. Thank you for liking and reading my poems too. This is much appreciated!

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