My Life- Taiwan Hsinchu,Sinpu – persimmon color(新竹新埔柿子)

Persimmon color

persimmon color-Taiwan Hsinchu,Sinpu

In northern Taiwan, countryside views from Hsinchu sinpu, the golden persimmons people feel autumn in the air.

Here’s climate and terrain are very suitable for the growth of persimmon, fresh persimmon crisp and juicy, and the persimmon farmers made similar dessert food, it can extend the period of consumption.

Persimmon color

Taiwan Hsinchu,Sinpu

Less rainfall this season, so it is suitable for dry persimmon in the sun, the water and then dried persimmon leaves natural fruit sweetness.

Taiwan Hsinchu,Sinpu Persimmon color

Taiwan Hsinchu,Sinpu Persimmon color


Taiwan Hsinchu,Sinpu

Taiwan Hsinchu,Sinpu – persimmon color


18 thoughts on “My Life- Taiwan Hsinchu,Sinpu – persimmon color(新竹新埔柿子)

  1. Beautiful shots of the persimmons, Meihsiu. So round, so orange. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of persimmons…then again, I think I’ve always eaten bad persimmons 😀 Maybe one day I will try a ripe, sweet one and I will love it 🙂

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