My garden-Taiwan wild flowers

台灣野花(Taiwan wild flowers)-黃鵪菜Oriental Hawksbeard

This is my garden of wildflowers, they change with the seasons and the emergence of these very short-lived flowers, maybe one week or rain, they disappear.

台灣野花(Taiwan wild flowers)-黃鵪菜Oriental Hawksbeard

They do not bloom, I would think that they are just ordinary grass, I would not consider put them removed after flowering, I’ll sigh wildflowers vitality, because they can be seen everywhere.

台灣野花(Taiwan wild flowers)-鴨兒腸Goose Starwort

They always appear and then disappear quietly, we often ignore their existence, in fact, they are the original owner of this piece of land.

台灣野花(Taiwan wild flowers)-粉黃纓絨花Emilia praetermissa

台灣野花(Taiwan wild flowers)-紫花蒮香薊Goose Starwort

台灣野花(Taiwan wild flowers)-紫花酢醬草Lavender Sorrel

台灣相思樹(Taiwan Acacia)和台灣山豆柿(Morris Persimmon)

This is what I saw in the sky,and you?


20 thoughts on “My garden-Taiwan wild flowers

    • I’m glad you like these humble wildflower,Taiwan’s mountains have so many wildflowers like this, but they always been ignored, I use the camera to record their beautiful ,its to commemorate their short lives.:)
      Have a nice day!

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    • 我有兩本書,一本是台灣野草圖鑑,另一本是野花圖鑑,真的是被野花野草的強盛生命力困擾著,所以想要認識它們。

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  1. I’ve bought many wildflower seeds at the garden stores, but none of them seem to grow. So strange, considering wild flowers are supposed to grow just about anywhere, even in not-so-good soil, no? I especially wild flowers that grow around old buildings or train tracks. Has a sweet, simple look, I think. Great photos!

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    • I want to plant is a result of things can not be controlled, there may be good luck, Its like an old tree suddenly withered without reason or sprout, in any case, I hope you garden full of vitality.:)
      Have a nice day!!

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