My wild table-Oval Kumquat Braised Pork(桔醬紅燒肉)


<I harvest the peppers in the garden, I used to embellish the dish color>

I use my garden harvest kumquat, general production methods are the use of candied and then placed in the refrigerator, but my kids do not eat, so I’m thinking about how I want to use it?


<I cooked potatoes and pork, medium-well>

Taiwan proper way very famous restaurant dish – sweet and sour pork, it is the way of making fried pork ribs, braised and then let the meat cooked, topped with orange-orange sauce, let the ribs not greasy, which is very popular with everyone’s favorite in a restaurant dish.

I add a little sugar kumquat boil, then stirred into the processor, do not let the fiber there are too many, then add a little salt into the pot, cook again, so kumquat sauce braised pork is completed.


Golden Oval kumquat sauce


I do not know my family loved this taste? Maybe or not?

let me try tonight.


9 thoughts on “My wild table-Oval Kumquat Braised Pork(桔醬紅燒肉)

  1. Great peppers! Good job! We’re now drying up 3 kinds of hot peppers in order to plant them soon. We were surprised when one of the types that we have had taken almost a year to have any peppers on them. Now, they are finally turning red in color.

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  2. I have never eaten Kumquat, but will try!
    Hope you are well, best wishes and thanks for your many visits to read my poems!


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