Beautiful Taiwan



Taoyuan,Fuxing Township Luofu bridge,It is also held in northern Taiwan famous bungee jumping locations.

Taiwan is a subtropical climate, the winter did not change significantly, so in November still feel the advent of winter, in general legend we call “autumn tiger”, this time the weather will be like the summer.


 Taoyuan,Fuxing Township

Taoyuan,Fuxing Township belonging to indigenous (Atayal) tribes, everywhere can see aboriginal decor and totem.


Hsinchu Sinpu ,Drying Persimmon

Finally, we reach the destination before the sun goes down, let your see my hometown famous Drying Persimmon.

I wrote a blog a year in English, my reading skills progress a little, Also I am pleased to recognize Le and Virginie from the UK.
When I know they want to come to Taiwan to travel, I am looking forward to see them, they are very young but almost all over the world to travel together, but also let me know my little world as well as the larger world, and I am glad Taiwan also among their travel plans.

The journey is often the most beautiful scenery people, ordinary common landscape, if met some people in the process, or to leave a good memory.
Before the children grow up, we can not complete the goal to England backpacking , I hope this time I can learn English communication skills, make travel plans and save enough travel expenses………..

Thank you for giving us memories and full of Christmas Britain gift, that is really great,we love so much,if you have the opportunity to come to Taiwan, I hope you will give us more time,perhaps with your baby traveling together. 🙂




24 thoughts on “Beautiful Taiwan

    • Lu早安,我常在想當習慣某種生活方式時,是不是就會安於現狀,缺乏學習的力量?我常和我的女兒們聊天,除了知道她們在想什麼?做什麼?我也想去探觸她們所學習的……呵…

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  1. Those persimmons look really juicy. I hope you are eating lots of it (I am not a fan of it 😀 But if you like it, that’s great). Taiwan looks wonderful this time of the year. Great photos, Meihsiu. I think your English is good. I can understand it 🙂

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    • Dear Mabel:
      You message is always encouraged me, for 44-year-old began to learn some things a little difficult to remember, I am beginning to listen to English radio programs, I hope my English for the hearing will be helpful.
      Have a nice day!
      Meihsiu 🙂

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  2. You live in a beautiful place. I love the photo of the persimmons drying. How long does it take for them to dry? Then what do you do with them? The persimmons that grow here are very small and don’t have much inside so we just leave them for the deer to eat. I think you are doing very well with your English!

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    • Hi ,Brenda
      Thank u like Taiwan’s scenery, although Taiwan is a small island, but the most beautiful scenery should be “people friendly”, on dried persimmons way, because to save time soon, but we want to eat at any time, so we will start with the sun and wind Nature After air-dried, then use wood baking temperature, moisture make skin dry, eat flesh also maintains crispness. Thank you encouragement, I think this is the motivation inspired me to learn English.😊😊😊


  3. I’ve been hearing about Taiwan in the news today, due to Trump having spoken to the leader there and receiving anger from China due to it. Would love to visit someday.

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    • Yes, I also saw news about Trump and Taiwan.
      With regard to politics, I hope that Taiwan can strengthen exchanges with the whole world, rather than being satisfied with life on the island.
      The terrible political reality and the reality is that it is easy to become some of the bad behavior of the stage.


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