My acrylic painting


I have been studying for four months, my acrylic painting, this month’s course is the fruit.

Various shapes of fruits showing light are different, so the painting also need to develop observation, then his eyes have seen and felt by the heart brush expression.
In the first in pencil, then use the brown acrylic paint apples and leaves the light are manifested, because I did not have a good sketch basis, so can not be expressed in the second stage when the three-dimensional painted with acrylic paint.
Painting acrylic painting full of Christmas, I used the three weeks of time, a lot of times I just looked at painting but can not draw, I ask the teacher a lot of problems yesterday painting, I suddenly found my question is answered, so I use four hours at night, and finally completed the picture.







我想有時候過人生也是這樣,並不是一股腦兒的往前進,You got to put the past behind before you can move on. 你得在向前走之前放下過去(阿甘正傳)。




16 thoughts on “My acrylic painting

  1. 覺得妳應是心思相當細膩的人


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  2. Lovely work and you say you have been in class for only four months? Well done. I love to paint but for me it is more play as I’ve had no training and I don’t possess and special talent. It will be delightful to see what you do next! Lea

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